Thanks for stopping by!  I’m passionate about helping leaders take the drama out of their teams so they accomplish more in less time.

  • Has a team member ever missed a deadline while you were forced to endure endless stories explaining what happened?
  • Do you get tired of wasting time in meetings that really accomplish nothing?
  • Are you frustrated because you spend a majority of your energy having to do the actual work of the people that report to you?

If you’ve ever answered yes to these questions, you’ve experienced the fog of drama.  If you answered no, you may be in serious denial.

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Dennis McIntee FamilyI’m the author of The 8 Qualities of Drama Free Teams, The Power of Pursuit, People Smart and Time Mastery.  But more important, I’m the husband of Lisa McIntee, the most beautiful woman in America and the father of 4 children.  I’ve even got a picture to prove it!

Most of my time is devoted to traveling the country helping leaders take the drama out of their organizations.  When I’m at home you can find me preparing for a some type of long distance running event or watching a soccer match.  The secret most people don’t know about me is that while my passion is helping leaders create high-trust, high-performance cultures, my childhood dream was to be a jazz trombonist.

The Drama-Free Value Promise™

• I’ll make clear agreements and always follow through. Are you tired of people not getting back to you? Me too!

• Your success is my honor. I’ll make sure you’re the hero not me.

• I’ll walk beside to make sure the event or training is an amazing success. Together, we’ll brainstorm strategies to maximize your investment.

• I’m here to serve. The training, coaching or event is all about the audience and how I can help them. It won’t be a celebrity show where I prove how awesome I am.

• I’ll build a customized learning process for your group. The best training is not event process but process driven. From personal action plans to on-demand resources, I’ll create a customized strategy so people take action and get results.


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“I would recommend Dennis to any organization looking for ways to reduce drama in their teams. He provides suggestions for change that are easy to implement and make a world of difference in how a team operates. We didn’t want his session to end!”

Renae Moch

North Dakota Medical Group Management Association

Dennis was easy to work with.  He was prepared, professional, timely and flexible to the needs of our group.  His delivery method and acronyms made the content easy to understand and apply.  We absolutely recommend Dennis to organizations that need to elevate their performance by creating a culture of high trust and results-orientated performance.  Dennis led a very informative discussion with content and tactics to drive change.  His approach and delivery style resonated with our group and all found the investment worthwhile.

Barbara Agin

New Jersey Credit Union League

Dennis was well prepared, professional and a good communicator .  His presentation was engaging, professional, thoughtful, and very well received by our members.  We absolutely recommend Dennis to organizations that need to help their members refocus on the job at hand without the drama…

Yrene Waldron

Delaware Healthcare Facilities Association

Dennis was incredibly energetic and from the moment I contacted him, he was responsive, easy to work with and very professional. Dennis’ presentation was entertaining, informative and he did a great job engaging the audience. We absolutely recommend Dennis to organizations that need to address culture changes, personality conflicts, team relationships… basically all organizations!

Chris Foley

Manager of Education, Mass ALA

Dennis was very easy to work with and prepared for his presentation. Our attendees found great value in his presentation and loved his speaking style.

Dennis did a great job at providing real-life examples and situations that we could all relate to. Then, he would address the solution. Very informative and entertaining as well! Loved this! Took many notes. Great presenter and learned lots of tips and techniques. Synched well with my organization’s coaching program.

Ranel Smith

VP-Relationship Management, Montana Credit Union

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you don’t have to walk it alone.

You can become the leader you were meant to be.  You can create a drama-free workplace where your whole team is passionate and engaged.


The Coaching Toolkit

20-questions-footer 20 Questions to take the drama out of your team so you can accomplish.

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Creating Drama Free Teams

book-iconThe 8 Qualities Of Drama Free Teams will give you the tools you need to accomplish more in less time. This practical handbook shows you 8 different leadership strategies you can use today to see immediate changes in your organization.

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Event Coordinator Promise

Every audience and event coordinator can count on a dynamic experience. Dennis is committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to impact today’s progressive leadership conferences, health care organizations, or sales meetings.

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